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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am Thankful For:

I thank God for:
  1. My legos
  2. My brothers and sister
  3. My Dad and Mom
  4. My brother and sister in heaven
  5. My house
  6. My soft warm bed
  7. My food and water
  8. My teeth so I can eat things
  9. For rain
  10. The ocean because I like to swim in it
  11. Swimming pools
  12. My school work
  13. My brain so I can think
  14. My hands, mouth, and nose so I can smell and my legs to walk
  15. My hands so I can pray and grab things
  16. Paper so I can draw on it
  17. My eyes so I can see
  18. My neighbors
  19. My church
  20. My grandpa and grandma
  21. My Nana
  22. My friends at church
  23. God's creation